Bugger Brexit Box Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

“So we march on, following our leaders, toward an “Armageddon of our own making. ― Noam Chomsky

To not be too negative about it, I have the general feeling that, as a country, we’re kinda buggered. The downhill spiral that started with the attempt to co-opt the right fringes in the guise of a Brexit vote (at least that’s the earliest that think back without totally despairing, you could say that the prolonged Tory government, or the Liberal Dems sleeping with the enemy before that, or even the whole of the 80’s and 90’s slowly shifting the Overton Window to the right, but less of that at the moment), from the Brexit vote, to the series of the worst popularity contests imaginable, all culminating in last weeks absolute disaster where the populace’s ingrained bigotry seeped out and overwhelmingly voted to keep Boris in… I died inside

And that’s speaking as a financially “comfortable”, straight, cis, white guy. I hate to imagine the feeling going through the millions of others who aren’t in as comfortable position as I am. Those whose lives are becoming more at risk with this continued pummelling of our rights.

So What’s Already Going On

It’s been just about a week and here’s already what’s being reported

All of that and only in a couple of days

What Have We Learnt?

Basically, expect things to get worse for most people and don’t trust on the majority to help. Donations to charities & provisions to foodbanks are going to have to be increased, everyones green credentials are going to have to get greener, and we need to start writing to our councillors, MPs, and the like to lobby for the more progrssive solution of anything that’s being discussed, get our voices heard and not just to lie down and take it.

Get angry, let them know your anger and whilst this situation is in a crap state, we cannot let it get any worse!