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Quick Announcement: I’m planning on running a 10K for the Stroke Association, if you’d like to donate, or for more information please follow this link.

New year — a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours. ― Alex Morritt

Alas! Another year gone, another decade in fact (and screw the naysayers out there, I really couldn’t care less). I know that these designations are arbitrary, but it’s a good start for a blog post.

So yesterday, as I was driving to see my partner’s parents; the question about how we feel about the decade just gone, and how I see the next few years to come cropped up, and it was actually quite enlightening just considering how I was in 2010; how much has changed; and what I want for myself in the foreseeable-ish future.

The tens-ies? 2010’s? However you would pronounce it

So 10 years ago I was a completely different Nik; just entering university, I was a chain-smoking, overeating, lazy ass, that couldn’t care about anything really apart from having fun and being fairly self-satisfying. Mentally, I wasn’t all there, I just wanted to keep my head down, stay on my own, not really make friends… Just wallow in it and just learn, do the essays, and move on.

Thankfully, that plan lasted next to no time. I got dragged out on the first couple of nights, managed to meet one of who was to be a really good friend who essentially introduced me to my current group of friends and even my partner for 10 years now.

From then on, I tapped in more on my ideals; I knew that I swayed towards the more science based evidence side of arguments. I started listening to science and skepticism podcasts/youtube channels and the like. I was already set in the ways of Open Source technologies, encouraging others to run Linux and destroy the capitalist machine on Micro$oft, etc, etc. But was still wavering over the place.

I hate to admit it but I started falling into a trap, between watching Royal Institution videos, the Ignobel Prizes, criticisms of pseudoscience in the NHS, etc. Certain videos crept in, people like Sargon of Akkad, Armoured Skeptic, and that whole movement. Thankfully, there was a sense of unease watching them, and I sought out criticisms, beyond the science that they speak; misogyny, homophobia, general bigotry became apparent.

Thankfully this really didn’t last long, the trap was avoided. I know people who didn’t, and fell into that whole rhetoric.

Another major influence was my partner, a wholeheartedly good person, whose morality is unquestionably just (enough bootlicking eh?). She helped in my reading and understanding of Feminism, the Environment, pretty much all aspects of intersectionality.

The final nail in the coffin that led me to the person I am today was a podcast discovery (you can see I’m a podcast person eh?) for a show called Citizen Radio. This cemented me into my Anarchist leanings, as well as leading me towards veganism.

I can quite safely say that it was during this decade that I properly established my morality, that I became myself; the left leaning, eco friendly, social justice warrior.

Where does that leave me for the 20’s

So now that I have established myself, the plan for the next 10 years, at least to begin with is to fully practice what I preach. Noone is perfect, or can be a perfect ‘vegan’, perfectly ‘green’, or anything like that. But I can certainly try harder. It’s fairly simple to walk or cycle instead of drive to the local shops, make more of our own food over purchasing from supermarkets. To donate more to charity, buying second hand, go out further to speak up for those unable to speak, even just calling out stupidy that’s spouted out by work colleges and family around. It’s these little things that left unfettered, helped to lead to the sorry situation we’re currently in.

So 10 years in, I am a completely different Nik; in the big world, working for a public body, no longer smoking or drinking, vegan, wanting to care for the animals, the environment, anyone that needs help. Still a bit of a lazy arse that overeats from time to time, but I need to work towards something eh?

And in regards to that, I’m running a 10k for the Stroke Association in the beginning of March. If you’d like and able to do so please donate. I’d really appreciate it.

Roll on the next 10 years!