So the apocalypse is here, well at the least the closest we’ve probably been for a good while; and I do have to say that the government’s response has left me conflicted.

First, why the hell were things not done sooner? It was obvious noticing the spread across Europe, other countries closing up and our government just sat there twiddling thumbs.

Then proper lockdown, brill 👌. Encouraging banks to hold back on mortgage & credit card payments, grants to aid those who cannot work. I mean there’s a lot more (like a hella more) that the they can do, but this is a Tory government, I really wasn’t expecting much.

And to now, it seems so obvious that the economy is more important than peoples lives, “non-essential” shops are opening up, opening bloody schools up, even thinking of opening up to for tourism again. I know that all of these are important cogs in this system that we’re living in, but these are times where the state should pick up provisions for the people and help stop people dying, and to reduce the chance of spread.

An anecdote: So I’ve been going to supermarket for weekly shops, I’ve been sticking to getting there first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day. It’s been fine for the most time; people respect the 2 meter distancing, waiting if they want to get to an item near you, masks, etc etc etc. But going in this Monday, Christ?! Made sure I was masked up and washed up after

Any good news?

As a society? I hope that this pandemic has opened some doors of opportunity;

  • Pushing towards a greener society
  • Pushing towards a more active/healthier population
  • Encouraging working from home & more flexible hours
  • Promotion of good mental health

As for me, I managed to get into my new house before the lockdown, so I have my own office now, we have space, the little babba is growing faster and faster. Keeping mental health up and sticking routine is keeping me going to.

All in all, the lockdown is going ok for me. I’m not much of a go outside type of guy anyway.