Just a heads up and a bit of a confession… this is not a brand new website or blog; I’ve just been so neglectful to this thing that the only thing that could be done was to burn the whole thing down and start again. So here we are at the start of 2021, in the midst of a lockdown, a failing government that places more value on the pound + satisfying a ever bourgeoning right wing voter base than over the safety of the populace. What a time to be alive!

Picture of Fireworks

But I am not here just to moan, I am here to basically set a few goals for what I want to do with this blog and my life in general; and what’s a more worn out method than the good old New Year Resolution list?

So here we go:

Lose Weight

Let’s make this a basic and stereotypically “normal” resolution. I, like the majority of people in this country am overweight. Which is not very happy making. Now I’m not terrible, in fact I’m a hell of a lot healthier than I used to be, but the weight part of me is something very hard to shake off. The reason that I’m adding this here is that I have a method to fix this and that I’m am going to track progress because I just love collecting data, as well as presenting it in a pretty fashion in the future (Call forwards?)

Firstly the fix, may I present to you the … Drumroll … Exercise Bike Hooked Up To My PC So I Can Exercise & Play Games -Mobile!!!

Picture of Exercise Bike in front of Computer

With the plan being to get on this everyday (ish!) to get a bit of a sweat on, I’ve already managed a fair few sessions over the Xmas break. And if you ever want to laugh at me as I suffer, feel free to watch me stream my misery on twitch, I’m currently working through Octodad.

Secondly I’ll obviously be doing the other stuff such as ensuring I don’t go snack crazy and try to eat all of my feelings away; but the main thing that I wanted to do writing this was to show off my setup!

Being a RPG God

One of the things I did last year was become a part of a TTRPG group which have turned out to be an amazing set of people that I love so much, I’ve also been a GM of a multiple part mech ‘one shot’.

This year I’m expanding, I’m planning a larger campaign in the Cyberpunk Red series, which is a fairly large undertaking itself. But the biggie that I want to tackle is to produce a zine that is compatible with Troika!, which is a very hackable system that has so much custom content out there.

Being Zen as Fuck

Along with the weight resolution, this one is also a typical one. I seem to function primarily on caffeine, stress, and depression for a large amount of time; which obviously is not healthy.

I have previously tried to sort myself out many, many, many times and every time it kind of follows the same patterns… Get help, fix for the time being, stop doing the things, spiral down… Rinse and repeat.

Well now to put a pin in it. I’ll be posting updates and findings in regards to this as well.

Internet Away From Internet

One of the things that I take a fair bit of interest in is the decentralisation of the internet, sticking it up to the monolithic tech powers that be, and punk methods. Which has led me to a project that I want to get started in the year. I want to create some kind of off the grid server with a Raspberry Pi (or similar), to start with I want it to just host some files for the average person to just be able to pop in on their phone and pull.

As a longer project I would like it to also transfer messages over something like the ScuttleButt protocol, and to connect the server to similar nodes over medium range. Whilst absolutely pointless and would never be used in the middle of bugger all South West England; it just really interests me as a tool for communities.


So there it is, my list of things that I really really hope that I don’t just forget about and move on, which is precisely what I’ve done previous years with no progress at all. Please wish me the best and cheer me on… Please…