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Starting Ultraviolet Grasslands

Preparing the field for a psychodelic romp

I can’t exactly remember when I came across Ultraviolet Grasslands, it must have been around the time I was waiting for the Old School Essentials kickstarter to get to me.

Look at it though, so beautiful.

'Reined Skeletal Mysterios' all the way down.
'Reined Skeletal Mysterios' all the way down.

All those colours really called to me, and I really really had to get the bundle with GM Screen and just under 6ft tall map!

So what is the book

So, the UVG2e book is a setting first, with the initial sprinkling of mechanics and rules added in. The overall world is known as the Rainbowlands, which centres around the Circle Sea. The book takes us from the Violet City located at the west of the sea through many-upon-many locales and sights to the far outreaches of the Black City, the remains of the ‘Old Lands’, where bizarre and miraculous beings and objects exist.

What we have is essentially a psychedelic sci-fi point crawl between all of these places of interest, and a hell of a lot of extra tidbits and tables to really flesh out the carved out slither of this world.

  • Vehicles and Mounts to get you and your caravan to your goal? Check
  • A bestiary of weird creatures? Check
  • Reams and reams of tables to help generate the history, society, geography, flora and fauna of this place? Super Check
Your Decapodian Mobile Oppression Palace needs water? Check!
Your Decapodian Mobile Oppression Palace needs water? Check!

And that’s not all

Cast your mind back to the previous section, there’s 2 points that I’d like to flag…

  1. UVG2e is majority setting, light on mechanics.
  2. UVG2e is a slither of the Rainbowlands.

Well, if you follow the creator, Luka Rejec, on Patreon, you will find so so so much extra content. From expanding the world to the many lands surrounding the Circle Sea; to the Synthetic Dream Machine - a RPG rule set that is 1:1 playable with Ultraviolet Grasslands.

I’ve even got a (pretty much) completed version of the UVG guide book, containing basic rules, character creation, and generally everything you need to play - it’s planned on being put up on Kickstarter sometime soon(-ish? maybe). Plus there’s access to a discord which Luka is very active on. I am seriously excited by everything they are doing and my RPG folder on my laptop is full of pdf snippets and artwork that is put up on the reg.

It's not prime real estate if it's not on the back of a colossus.
It's not prime real estate if it's not on the back of a colossus.

And I’m rambling about this because???

The reason about all of this is because it’s what people most liked the sound of when talking about what we should play next at my local TTRPG group. It’s not for 10 or so weeks, but with the way I lose track of time, I need a lot of time to prepare, even for a prep-lite system and the vast amount of information and world and all that lot.

I have a lot of reading ahead of me, going through the books that I have, and all the snippets from Patreon, and all the stuff up on Discord as well!

Best get started, Ciao!