About Me

Hey, I'm Nik! And here's a little about me...

In work, I'm a SQL Developer & Data Architect currently focusing on Business Intelligence and setting up Continuous Development, Testing, and Integration cycles. I also get to play around with Python, and being a script kiddie with Powershell.

You can find my fancy formatted CV here.

Outside of work, I live with my partner and kids , being a typical nerd that enjoys being behind a keyboard, a controller, or a character sheet/GM screen (Hint: Check out my D&D group's twitch channel). I'm a full on vegan with anarcho-communist leanings, this spurns me forwards with ideals for Open Source technologies, decentralised networks, co-operatives, equality amongst groups, and recognising the need to look after one's own and other's health, both physically and mentally.


Keeping away from the clutches of the big social network players, and wanting to keep my data to myself ( or where ever I want to have it), I try to keep away from the usual channels (Facebook and the like) ... buuuuuuut ... I do have a twitter account mainly to tell the world when my next D&D game is being played.

But for everything else, you can find me within the fediverse, I'm

Or, if you're feeling old fashioned/want to be more private then you can email me at

hi "at" nik "dot" codes

I will only read PGP encrypted messages, here's my public key.

About nik dot codes

This site serves to be my personal site as a way of presenting my "personal brand", it's also my way of practicing what I preach. This main part of the site is all written by me or using open source scripts, there are no cookies, no calls to CDNs run by Google or Cloudflare.

The other reason for the site is the purely selfish reason for helping maintaining my mental health, by reaching out there and writing brings a kind of catharsis for me... And one of the things that I definitely need in my life is catharsis.

The site is a part of the Indie Webring, feel free to flick through here

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