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Data Architect by day, a GM that runs by night


Hi, I’m Nik - welcome to my little corner of the internet…

In work, I’m a Data Architect & general Database Jockey, currently focusing on Business Intelligence and the push towards using modern standards, open tooling, and engineering practices to update and upgrade legacy databases and coding practices. Which means I get to play script kiddie with many languages and scripts, mainly SQL, Python, PowerShell, & Bash.

Head over here to view my cv, or over here for a print friendly pdf version.

Outside of work, I’m a happy, albeit tired, father of 2 daughters. As well as being a typical nerd that enjoys being behind a keyboard, a controller, or a character sheet/GM screen.

I’m a full on vegan and have been for many years and I believe in promoting ideals behind Open Source technologies, decentralised networks, co-operatives, equality amongst groups, and recognising the need to look after one’s own and other’s health, both physically and mentally.

This Site

This site serves to be my personal site as a way of presenting my “personal brand”, and forms my own little corner of the internet - which mainly means I’m going to blog here, whether you want to see the whole thing, the work where I write about data, databases, and more data; or the play where I wax lyrical about running, mental health, and tabletop RPGs. Or you can have a quick look over at my now page if you’re really interested.

If you want to get hold of me you can find my details here, or if you just want to keep up to date with me you can grab the rss feed.

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