Nik Dot Codes and tries other things

So it's been a while

An update following a good couple of months of quiet

Well well well, it’s been about 2 months since that first post and I’ve done literally nothing! No tabletop stuff, no writing, no nothing. I guess that’s the issue with doing all of this stuff near the christmas time.

It doesn’t mean that I’ve done nothing however…

I’ve been accepted to do a masters!

Now I’ve been officially signed up for a MEng in Data Engineering starting in just over 3 weeks time!!

I am beyond excited for this, my university days are some of my most favourite times and I cannot wait to be back into education. Plus, despite working with SQL and data and all that jazz for all of my professional life, I am completely self taught (albeit a couple of introductory courses) - I don’t have any kind of Computer Science education at all. Having this masters would be a nice feather in the cap.

Now due to this, my tabletop stuff will be a bit quieter - at least until I get into the swing of the whole going back to university kind of thing. I’m not completely abandoning it, and I am still planning on some kind of largish campaign; not to mention I have the following kickstarters appearing in the post soon.

  • Castaway (Mörk Borg Castaway)
  • ShadowDark
  • Unnatural Selection (ShadowDark module)
  • Vast Grimm (Mörk Borg in space!)
  • Mythic Bastionland

and more that I can’t remember I’m sure.

Direction of this blog

To wrap things up, I’ve always wanted this blog to be a mix of work and play, some everyday life stuff & my interaction with TTRPGs and board games, as well as more of a semi-professional resource for data architecture and engineering - where I’d rant, talk about what I’m playing around with, and maybe some tutorial/walkthough stuff.

With the whole masters kind of thing, and some networked opportunities that has come up in the workspace - it looks like the work will be more apparent at first prior to the play stuff - although once all these books come through, I might just **have* to do a couple of posts on them. But rest assured, I am still attentive to this site and I will be more of a presence.

Till then, have a good holiday season and I’ll be back soon.